4: Holiday Activities for Singles

Ben Holda, Staff Writer

Image from www.theodysseyonline.com.  Edited by Matthew Simonson.
Image from www.theodysseyonline.com. Edited by Matthew Simonson.

The holiday season is a season of love, of laughter, of being close to those you hold near and dear, and of spending time with your friends and family. Sometimes, though, you might not have someone special to bring with you to that family gathering, so here are some ideas for things you can do over the holidays if you’re single.

This will mainly be a suggestion type of list, similar to our “present suggestion” articles in the past. We’ve taken the liberty to keep “eating a pint of ice cream” out of the list, for obvious reasons, though I felt it was worth an honorable mention.

So, here are some suggestions for things to do over the holidays:

One of the best things to do when you don’t have a significant other is to just hang out with friends, go to a party with them, or even host a party and get together with some people you know. Who knows? You might just end up a little less single then when you started (if that’s what you’re looking for).

For those who don’t always want to “party hardy,” but still want to enjoy some time with some close friends, Christmas Caroling is always a fun option, going door to door and singing with friends, with genuine times galore.

If you’re feeling like supporting a good cause, this season then you can volunteer to become a “red bucket bell ringer” with the Salvation Army. You can also bring some friends with you to help pass time and help you collect donations.

Some people prefer the simpler things in life, like setting up the fireplace and watching a good old fashion movie. And with Star Wars: The Force Awakens coming out later in the week, it’s only fitting to binge watch all 6 episodes leading up to it. Get some friends involved, too, and you’ll have a fun time that’s never forced!

We hope this helped you in making your plans this holiday season, and we hope you’ll have a great winter break.