6: Gifts for Gals

Angela Scroggins and Matthew Simonson

Angela (photo by April Steichen) and her "Christmas" alter ego (by Emma Wille).
Angela (photo by April Steichen) and her “Christmas” alter ego (by Emma Wille).

The holidays are great for spending time with family and getting a break from school, but they can also be expensive, especially when you’re a college student.  For me, shopping for others is always difficult because of how indecisive I am.

Luckily, technology has made Christmas shopping easier because we can order gifts online instead of going out to the stores. We can also go to quite a few different websites and essentially do our Christmas shopping on the internet.

By the time we reach college age, most of us tend to ask for practical Christmas gifts instead of the “unnecessary” things we used to want. I, on the other hand, like to keep track of “preference items” that aren’t on my budget. That way, if someone asks me what I want from them, I might hint at that $30 lipstick that I didn’t feel like spending the money on last week.

Every girl is different, of course, but some of the most common products people usually buy for the ladies in their lives are things like jewelry, clothes (if you know her tastes), hair products, and “out-of-budget wishes.” Here’s a few more suggestions if you find yourself running out of ideas:

  • Chocolates. In general, sweets tend to make good gifts for girls.
  • Christmas Outfits. Scarves or ugly sweaters, for example.
  • Teddy Bears.  Look for cute “gag gifts” that would have sentimental value to her!
  • Flowers.  Although they are often perceived as a romantic gesture, they can sometimes make wonderful platonic gifts!
  • Candles.
  • Bird Feeder.
  • Fashion Items. If she’s someone who takes a lot of stock into her appearance, things like nail polish and earrings would be great gifts.
  • Picture Frames.  There’s a lot of room for creativity here, and it’s as touching as it is inexpensive.  Find a special photo and pick a good-looking frame for it.
  • Household Items. Although these don’t tend to be at the cheaper end of the spectrum, perfumes, makeup, clothes, lotions, and hygienic products are all things we can get cheap at a local drugstore.
  • Gift Cards. When all else fails, money is never a bad gift to give to a family member who lives far away.  If you go this route, try to choose a store that’s in alignment with the girl’s tastes (like, for example, iTunes or Starbucks).  This is often more personal than simply giving her money.

When you are shopping around for her, the most important tip is to be creative (unless, of course, she tells you that she only wants practical gifts). Have better luck than me when it comes to your Holiday shopping!