The Benefits of Camping

Sam Bybee, Staff Writer

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In an ever-growing world full of stress and new technologies, having something simple and entertaining to truly enjoy and get your mind off things is so important. For myself and millions of other people worldwide our favorite retreat from our busy lives is to pack the car full of fishing gear, hiking equipment, a tent and get out and go camping. These excursions are important because your body and spirit crave what they have to offer you.

Perhaps the most exciting part of camping is all of the great things you have the potential to undertake. Some of these activities are awesome because they are great exercise for your body and natural stress relievers. Participating in something that truly puts your body to the test is a really fascinating thing that is always great to accomplish. Some of these fun things to do include: going on some long, scenic hikes, canoeing or rafting down white rapids and, my favorite, gathering materials for a fire and making it yourself.  I love doing this because every fire you make is unique, and it is always a fun way to figure out the best way to set up and start each one.

Sometimes in life, peoples’ jobs and other commitments put strains on the family socially and mentally. Often times a simple solution to this problem is to take a break from the various hassles in life and take time off of work. Scheduling a trip away from all of this with your family and friends is a recipe for a great time that will be sure to please everyone. It’s always fun whether you’re out and about all day or just relaxing at the campfire and cooking some great food over the fire which is also something that I am very fond of.

I really love camping because of the connection to nature I feel whenever I’m out there sleeping in a tent with just a pillow and sleeping bag. One of the best things about going on camping trips is the overall simplicity of it. I would consider myself a very experienced camper because I have been going on trips with my family my whole life. I have spent time and camped in some of the nation’s most beautiful national parks which include Yellowstone, Yosemite, Acadia, Badlands, Crater Lake, Grand Teton, Mount Rainier, Redwood, and finally Rocky Mountain. Due to this list alone, I would say that I am very proud of where I have been, and I hope to see many more places in my lifetime.

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