Interview with Ricky Martin

I interviewed “Ricky” Martin to ask his thoughts about our most recent pandemic and to see what he’s been up to.


Kaylee Lampkins, Event Planner

What are your views on the pandemic?

It sucks because it’s not a traditional 21 first birthday. I was expecting a bar crawl

How do you plan on celebrating due to the pandemic?

I plan on spending it with my immediate family. I plan on having a nice dinner with my family and just kicking back and relaxing the usual

What are some new hobbies you have picked up during the pandemic?

I have been binge watching the Sopranos.

Has quarantine changed your daily routine at all?

Yes it has affected it greatly. I am not allowed the exercise as the gym anymore. I have not been able to see many of my friends. I have to wear a dumb mask everywhere and it has [messed up] our economy.

What do you plan on doing once quarantine is out?

Going to the gym then hanging out with my friends

What activities have you missed the most?

Not having to worry about catching a virus

Have joined the Tik Tok gang?

Hell no. Never that.

How do you feel about the stay home order?

I understand why, but I feel that it has been going on for too long. People need to work. We need to get the economy going.