Working During this Pandemic


Photo from WFRV Local 5

Amber Boehm, Staff Writer

While some people lost their jobs for a while, many others have to keep working during the coronavirus pandemic. Nurses, doctors, politicians, and some others all have the hardest jobs during this time, but retail and food workers are struggling as well. I have been working at Pizza Hut throughout this pandemic. At first I thought this would hurt our business, but it seems to make us even busier. We started small by only allowing drive-through services and allowing no one to come inside. Now, it is the same, except we have to wear gloves and masks. It all feels so different. Then, we started contactless delivery. I am not a driver, but I have heard from the drivers how hard it is when they don’t know where to put the pizzas because some customers don’t leave instructions for them. One driver was new, and she accidentally left a pizza on the wrong doorstep. The person took the pizza anyway without saying anything as she walked away. Some people have complained because they did not know their food had arrived, and this makes it even more stressful for the drivers. 

One of the hardest things about working during this time is trying your best to stay safe so you do not get sick and infect customers, coworkers, or your family. We have had a few scares, but so far we are okay. It makes it especially difficult when we get understaffed during a shift and we have so much going on. The past couple of weeks we have had less people available to work, and it makes it stressful. We also have to be careful around the customers to make sure they stay safe, as well as ourselves.   

Facing all of these challenges while working make you long for the day that this is all over. No matter where you work, it is difficult with a virus going around. You have customers and workers who are careful and considerate about others, but there are also people who do not take this seriously and it is frustrating. We just have to be cautious, and tell ourselves it will end someday and that we will get through this.