Homemade Movie Night

We are all trying to find things to do to pass the time and what better than to host your own movie night? 


Kayla Mingus, Copy Editor

With social distancing still in effect, the chance to go to the movies has been put on hold. If you’re a heavy movie goer (like me), you might be going through theater withdrawal. The expensive ticket. The even more expensive food prices. The feeling of sitting in a dark room with strangers that you’ve never met. The awkwardness of stepping over those strangers to get to your seat (or maybe you’re the one being stepped over). Great times…where was I? Oh right!

It might not be quite the same feeling but thanks to streaming sites such as Amazon and Disney+, you can create your own movie theatre experience. Keep reading to see how you can DIY your own theatre.

First Things First: The Movie

Below is a list of just a few new movies* brought to those sites that you may have missed in theaters, or that went straight to digital.

*disclaimer: some movies may not be on the sites yet, but are planned to be on in the future.



Doctor Dolittle

Frozen 2

Lady and the Tramp

Artemis Fowl

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 


Birds of Prey



The Hunt

Invisible Man

Sonic the Hedgehog


One big factor to go out to see movies is the fact that your friends are there with you enjoying the movie. While you could FaceTime your friends and try to all play the movie at the same time, it really doesn’t create the same affect. But what if you could watch the movie with your friends while maintaining social distancing? Thanks to Netflix, you can! You’ll need to download the Netflix Party account. Click here for a step-by-step way to watch with friends.

This is not to say that you have to watch a new movie. Break out those old DVD’s and pick a classic to watch with the family. This is the perfect time to rewatch those childhood movies or movies that have been on your list forever.

Second: The Food

Look around the house and find all the junk food you can find. Not a junk food fan? No problem! Fruit salads are the perfect snack to eat when watching movies – they’re quiet and healthy.


  • Chips: regular, cheddar, sour cream, BBQ, pickle…the possibilities are endless!
  • Chocolate: M&Ms, Hershey Bars, Mini M&Ms, Hershey Drops, Kit-Kats, etc, etc
  • Popcorn: you gotta have the popcorn!
    • Hint: drop some m&ms in as soon as the popcorn is made…thank me later
  • Fruit salad or any salad…no judgement here!

Third: The Movie Feel

You gotta have that movie feel. Turn off all the lights and turn up that volume. If you are able, I find basements to be the best spot for a real movie feel.


Enjoy your new movie nights. Stay safe out there!