Chris Janson Concert Review


Amber Boehm, Staff Writer

On Saturday, February 29, Chris Janson came to the Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, IL. Matt Roy opened for him, singing for about 30 minutes before Janson came out on stage around 8:30 p.m. This concert was a part of Janson’s “Real Friends” tour. 

Chris Janson opened with his song, “Redneck Life”. He urged us to be loud and sing along, saying that we would determine how well he would perform. After a few songs, Janson told us that he could tell that it was going to be a great concert because he could feel the energy. He started off singing fast songs and dancing, which got us excited. 

Chris Janson would stop and talk to us before certain songs. Janson stopped and said, “If you don’t have anything good to say then,” and we finished, “Shut your mouth!”, which is a line in one of his most popular songs, “Good Vibes”. Yet, before he sang it, he said he was not the type of person to just wake up and say, “Woo, good vibes!” The day he wrote the song, he was in a bad mood and said, “Good vibes only.” as a joke. A worker told him that would be a great song, and at first Janson was against it, but then he changed his mind. It eventually turned into a hit song. Then he had us hold a fist in the air and told us to let go of anything bothering us for a while and then he broke into the song. 

Chris Janson then sang some slow songs. He first sang “Holdin’ Her”, which is about his wife. He also had written a song earlier that day about her, and he brought out a paper and performed it. Then, his wife came out on stage and kissed him. 

Chris Janson also sang some pop and rock songs that were not his. He played the drums to a rock song, and then played the piano for some pop songs. He moved into some of his other songs on the piano, such as his hit song, “Drunk Girl”.

Soon after this, he closed the concert with his popular song, “Buy Me a Boat”. As he was singing that, he said he has done some encores in the past, and if we wanted one, we had to scream loud when he left the stage. He finished the song and left. We screamed and clapped, and sure enough, Janson came back out and played another song. Chris Janson put on a great show, and the energy was high all night long. He told lots of stories and we learned a lot about him, especially his love for his wife and Mountain Dew. He is someone that I would definitely go see again.