Black Student Union’s ‘Listening Party’


Amerald Wheatley-Johnson, Editor-In-Chief

This past week, on February 10, Kishwaukee College’s Black Student Union hosted a “listening party” with a concentration on Kanye West’s music and lyrics. The event began with Pernevlon Ellis, the college’s Sociology Assistant Professor and the BSU’s advisor, presenting the lyrics along with their possible effcts.

“[There are] artists are telling us that it’s not worth our investment to get [an] education, [but] there are some of us that work here that have made that investment, but have a different story,” says Ellis.

Slide after slide, hip hop culture and its possible influence on the black community were examined. Rap lyrics and statistics were investigated as Ellis urged the participants to make their own connection. Ellis delivered the facts without bias, in order to prevent affecting or swaying the students’ opinions. It was really up to the listeners to decide how they felt about the information provided.


After the presentation, Ellis opened up the floor to have an discussion with those in attendance about hip hop’s view on education vs. job security, the black experience in college, inclusivity/diversity, and what success means. 


The event was insightful and thought-provoking. The event helped explore motives of students and if those motives were altered someway by current hip hop in an innovative way.


More events will be held by the Black Student Union throughout the month of February. There will be a “Leadership and Success” seminar on February 17, then a book discussion featuring Between the World and Me on February and a “Black Greek Panel Discussion” on February 19. Look at your myKC announcements for more information on upcoming campus events!