Kishwaukee v Sandburg – Men’s Basketball

The men’s basketball team for the Kishwaukee Kougars played against Carl Sandburg. Read on to find out the score, who played, and pictures from the game!


Kayla Mingus, Copy Editor

The men’s basketball team played Carl Sandburg College February 11, 2020. Despite the team’s best effort, they lost the game 89 – 49. For more information, visit the Kishwaukee Kougars.


Kishwaukee Players Position Year
Number 1 CJ Ciesielczyk Guard Freshman
Number 2 Kenny Adams Guard Freshman
Number 3 Jordan Gracia Forward Freshman
Number 4 Xavier Horde Guard Freshman
Number 5 Daelyn Franklin Guard Sophomore
Number 11 JaMonte Benton Guard Freshman
Number 12 Griffin Hansen Guard Freshman
Number 20 Emonte Collins Guard Sophomore
Number 21 Alex Thomas Forward Freshman
Number 22 Darius Moses Forward Freshman
Number 23 Connor Todd Guard Freshman

Head Coach – Jay Moore

Assistant Coach – Kenny Battle


Sandburg  Players Year
Number 3 Jean Luc Wilson Freshman
Number 4 Brock Bower-Preece Freshman
Number 5 James Jones Sophomore
Number 11 Elias Akale Sophomore
Number 12 Cody Baer Freshman
Number15 Brice Margenthaler Sophomore
Number 20 Vaughn Toyne Freshman
Number 21 Noah Young Sophomore
Number 23 Scott Gowan Sophomore
Number 24 Cameron Jacobson Freshman
Number 33 Lane Ippensen Freshman
Number 50 Carter Fayhee Sophomore

Head coach – Ryan Twaddle

Assistant coach – Brock Streitmatter