Kishwaukee v Sandburg – Women’s Basketball

The women’s basketball team for the Kishwaukee Kougars played against Carl Sandburg. Read on to find out the score, who played, and pictures from the game!


Kayla Mingus, Copy Editor

The women’s basketball team played a game against Carl Sandburg College on February 11, 2020. It was a very close game and by the fourth period the score was tied 63-63! They went into overtime and ultimately lost the game 76-71. For more information, visit the Kishwaukee Kougars.

Kishwaukee Player Position Year
Number 10 Addie Kitzmiller Guard Sophomore
Number 11 Alexis Keating Guard Freshmen
Number 13 Cesca Vardman Guard Sophomore
Number 21 Dennysha Kizer Forward Sophomore
Number 22 Morgan Baker Guard Sophomore
Number 23 Lani Morris Center Sophomore
Number 24 Rylee Abraham Guard Freshman

Head Coach – Krystal Gundy

Assistant Coach – Demetric Hightower


Sandburg Player Year
Number 3 Daryan Bryant Freshman
Number 5 Cora Neal Sophomore
Number 10 Hailey Lovetinsky Sophomore
Number 14 Sophie Witford Sophomore
Number 20 Allison Westerdahl Freshman
Number 22 Destiny Allen Freshman
Number 25 Kelsi Legge Freshman
Number 30 Faith Price Sophomore
Number 35 Shelby Glover Freshman
Number 40 Kennedy Jackson Sophomore
Number 42 Annie McKim Freshman
Number 54 Alyssa Hopson Sophomore

Head Coach -Mike Bailey

Assistant Coach – McKenna Weaver