Coronavirus Outbreak Reaches New Death Toll, Global Industries at Risk

Outbreak Reaches 563 Deaths, Dekalb Health Officials Release Statements

James Haberstich, Staff Writer, Graphic Designer


A modeled representation of the coronavirus found in Wuhan, China. Photo credit to

The death toll of the dreaded coronavirus has now reached 563, and there are currently 28,018 cases of the virus that have been confirmed ( As of February 5, 2020, there have been confirmed cases in at least 25 countries and other areas that are outside of Wuhan, China, where the virus first broke out ( Many are worried about the virus spreading further, especially with the United States having its 12th confirmed case in Wisconsin (

People from all over the globe are not the only ones who are worried about the impact of the coronavirus. Several industries such as the crayfish industry and even the Disney corporation are also suffering from the recent outbreak. New Zealand exporters have around 165-200 tons of live lobsters that cannot be shipped to China due to closed borders, leaving sellers searching for new outlets for their supply. Disney has stated that the profits they make from Chinese theme parks could fall by $280 million this fiscal quarter, as many shutdowns have occurred as well as protests in Hong Kong (

A Chinese citizen being medically evaluated for potential coronavirus. Photo credit to

Health officials from Dekalb County have also released statements regarding the coronavirus. A specialist from Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital,  Dr. Bob Manam, has affirmed that no reports or cases have been found around the area. Manam also stated that “viruses like this have been here before. There are increased efforts and better coordination to slow this down and stop this”.

Melissa Edwards, a Public Information Officer from Dekalb County Health Department, also stated that the health department is watching the “rapidly-evolving situation” and are following guidelines from the CDC and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Edwards also offered advice about preventative steps, such as preventing contact with sick people, washing your hands frequently, and cleaning surfaces that are frequently used (

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