New Year – New Semester


Kayla Mingus, Copy Editor

With all the chaos of starting up a new semester, whether it’s seeing friends, getting used to your new classes, or just finding your way around the building, it’s easy to fall behind within the first couple weeks. Make sure to stay on top of things with these few simple tips 🙂

  • A Planner

A planner can be one of the most important things to keep you on track. It may take a few hours to complete, but take the time to fill out your entire schedule. You will start seeing positive results within the next couple weeks.

  • A Friend

It may seem cheesy – but find a friend in every class. Not only will you have a study buddy for those upcoming quizzes and exams, but let’s say you need to miss class for some reason. Let them know so they can help you get the notes. Just make sure you do the same for them.

  • Post-It Notes

That’s right – post-it notes. For every class, write down the assignment due and stick it in your planner. Then, at the end of the day you’ll be able to put all your notes together for an easy view of your homework. You can also use them to mark important parts in your textbook.

  • Water and Snacks

Bring a reusable water bottle and a couple snacks. Prevent wasting money on vending machine snacks (it adds up!). Also, it’s 2020 – let’s stop buying plastic water bottles. 


Following these tips and finding new ones that work for you will help you ace this semester. Good luck this semester!