American Music Awards

The American Music Awards (AMA) have come and gone. There were amazing winners, fantastic outfits, and lots of hidden meaning behind this year's AMA. Read on to find out about the winners and you just might get inspiration to listen to some new artists.

American Music Awards

Kayla Mingus, Copy Editor

We can’t talk about the AMA without acknowledging the wonders of Taylor Swift. She has taken the world by storm and is breaking down any barrier that stands in her way. T-Swift went home with Artist of the Decade along with Artist of the year and four other awards. These six awards, plus the AMA awards she had won in the past, brings her new total up to 28 awards! Whether you’re a die-hard Swifty or you don’t like her music, you can’t deny…she going places! Below are some of the biggest winners for the AMAs.

Taylor Swift Awards:
– Artist of the Decade
– Artist of the Year
– Favorite Music Video (You Need to Calm Down)
– Favorite Female Artist Pop/Rock
– Favorite Album Pop/Rock (Lover)
– Favorite Artist – Adult Contemporary

BTS Awards:
– Tour of the Year
– Favorite Social Artist
– Favorite Duo or Group Pop/Rock

Billie Eilish Awards:
– New Artist of the Year
– Favorite Artist Alternative Rock

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