The 49ers are having a season to remember , as they keep racking up in the winning side , in the dead middle of the season at 9-1  . led by Jimmy Garoppollo , who is having an outstanding season . George Kittle the star tight end , and running back Tevin Coleman who has this offense HOT .  This teams only loss came against  the Seattle Sea hawks when it was literally down to the wire , and the only thing left to do was kick the field goal … The 49ers fell short 27-24 . This teams offense isnt the only thing clicking  . The Defense is pretty good themselves , well like really really good .  They only allowed 7 red zone touchdowns this season can you believe that ? .  The defensive line is flat out incredible .  Dee ford ( lB) leads the team in sacks this season , right along with the star rookie Nick Bosa , the defenseive captain Deforest Buckner isnt far behind either . A familiar face everyone seems to know is Richard Sherman  . former Nfl Champion is embracing his new squad , and is loving the critics . No one saw this team potential , not even myself . Well at least being this good and having the best record in the NFl  .  The Green Bay Packer on the other hand clock in the middle of the season at 8-2 With their leader & Former MVP Aaron Rodgers  . One thing we can say about this man is he definitely is a gambler . It could be 4th & 15 & he will pull some tricks out of his hat and turn it into a 45-50 yard pass . Trust me he did it to my bears countless of times . With the receiving  core of davonte adams , Marquez Valdes & Allen Lazard . This offensive powerhouse can give any team in the league a legit run for their money . To add onto that the running core that the packers have isn’t bad either , Aaron Jones has had 2 1000 yard rushing seasons since going to green bay years ago . This match up should be a good one .Can A-Rod deliver in the fourth ? or can the 49ers keep pushing to keep that hot streak alive ‘? . only time will tell …. I got 49ers 34-32





With the Cowboys being America’s favorite team , critics always give this team the hype , or benefit of the dought i should say  . although they are number one in thyre division sitting at 6-4 , this team has work to do  . Dak Prescott is having a okay rocking season to say the less , so is the best running back in the league in my opinion in Ezekiel Elliot . The offensive line could be bettter , so can the defense but hey they are winning right ? . Amari Cooper is playing well , and i must say they are hitting the players on the cross routes .See the thing that makes Zeke so special is , he doesn’t need a O line to get the job done . He will still give oyu 7 yards a carry that is insane ! so just imagine if Dallas  did invest in a line how far this team could really go .Michael Gallup has been excellent for the cowboys as he is the teams main target as far as throwing counts . Randall cobb is an older reciever  but definetly  brings the veteran presence that this team needs .The New England Patriots on the other hand does what they do every season it seems like , win . Tom Brady and  his crew come in at 9-1 . It seems like Bill Bellichet and the certain type of system he is in , makes things look like a major breeze . The patriots acquired antionio brown this season but let him go due to personal reasons  . They did steal Mohammed Sanu ( wide receiver ) from the falcons , and to add on with that they have Julian Elderman  , who is having an outstanding season  , Jacobi myers , mattthew slater & Phillip Dorsett . The routes that these receivers run are excellent  . The offensive line is excellent and you really have to be a cold blooded monster if you are able to touch Brady in the pocket , because he has what other QB’S dont . TIme in the pocket .  With tom Bradys 6 rings , an clutch factor he turns on almost every game  , this should be a no brainier … sorry dallas 43-27 Patriots .





The New York Giants are on the needless to say losing side of the say .  With the record of  2-8 Eli manning is on the downside of his career , new rookie quarter backs , horrible offensive line , horrible defense , but they do have Saquon barkley and that kid is special . You can give him the ball anywhere on the field and he will just flat out make it happen . He gives me glimpse of Adrian Peterson , with Barry sanders skill set , the way he is able to shake defenders out of there socks , juke , spin move , everything . This man is a championship piece to whatever team pretty much needs a running back to be on GO mode . High Praise to this kid . I cant forget about golden tate either , he is a nice young wide reiceiver who has hands like glue . lets just hope these two end up on winning teams seasons to come . The Chicago Bears mid season is a rocking start at 4-6 . still able to make the playoffs maybe . The defense is there as usual , led by all the Prob Bowlers , Khalil mack , hakeem nicks  , Kyle fuller , and Eddie Jackson .  The offensive line is okay , but Mitchell trubisky needs to get either benched or let go . The man has potential but it just isnt his time yet . If chicago can make a move and get Cam Newton which he personally said he is willing to get the trade to the bears , this season can turn around Quickly .  I got  bears 21-8