Browns vs Steelers

Wanna know what happened during the game between Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers? Read on to find out!


Jason Miller

Kayla Mingus, Copy Editor

Tragedy hits during the Steelers-Browns game when a fight broke out between Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph. With just seconds left in the game – eight to be exact – these two boys got into a pretty extreme fight which will significantly impact both careers in the NFL. Fights happen all the time in football, after all, it is one of the more violent sports America plays, but this fight ended with players being suspended from games and heavy fines on both teams.

Defender Myles Garrett and Quarterback Mason Rudolph began fighting with only eight seconds left in the game. Garrett rips Rudolph’s helmet off his head and proceeds to hit Rudolph in the head with the helmet. Both players have taken responsibility for this fight and stated their apologies. The teams were fined with $250,00 each and the players involved with the fight have all been suspended, Garrett is out for the rest of the NFL season.

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