Golden State Warriors in the last 5 years was on pace to be the greatest team ever created .  They’ve been in the Finals the last 4 years.  2016 they capped off the best regular season record ever .  but only to lose to Lebron James & the Cleveland cavaliers in 7 games. they gave up a 3-1 lead . Then added Kevin Durant and just controlled the leagued for years to come . winning two nba championships .Unfortunately his departure came this season because of the infamous draymond green saying ” we dont need you ” .  Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the greatest shooting duo ever . Word is that they are possibly the greatest shooters to ever pick up a basktetball . Klay goes down in last years finals , so does Kd , so now there franchise player in Steph broke his wrist . He’s out for the season and the team is straight tarnished .  the record is 2-11 …. its nothing really to say here . The Utah Jazz have  added Mike Conley . to go right alongside Donvain Mitchell  , and theyre defensive star Rudy Gobert . They also have a sharp shooter  in Joe ingles . this team definitely  has chemistry .  i got jazz 98-74 .



This is two of my favorite teams to watch strictly because both teams are gritty , right down to the iron . The Boston Celtics organization speaks for itself with 17 banners to add . They have Kemba Walker  27,8 PPG  who was just traded from the hornets . Jaylen Brown , who is one of the best young two way players this league has to offfer , Gordon Hayward who plays both ends , Jayson Tatum who is a certified Scoring Machine , Marcus smart brings the defensive presence that this team needs with Brad Stevens who was coach of the year  2 seasons ago . They are the best team in the East and they are hungry  . 2 years ago this team lost there superstar in kyrie irving and still took King james and the Cavaliers to 7 games down to the wire .  This teams time is coming ! the playoffs should be fun this year.  To go out west we have The Denver Nuggets .  Jamal Murray is shooting lights out . So is the two way shooting guard in  Gary harris .  The addition in Paul Millsap  brings the veteran leadership . & to top that off .   Nikola Jokic aka ” The Joker ”  Is a point guard in a big mans body . the flashy passes , the high screen pick & roll , pick &  pop .  i would say  he is the best big man in the leauge . numbers do speak for themselves right ?  This nugget team ,  has been in the playoff for the last 3 years , i personally feel like they need that one piece , just one to put them over the top . I  got this game going in overtime by the way . but Nuggets prev ale 110-107/.


Overall the san antonio spurs have always been a great team . Greg Popavich is arguably the greatest coach of all time  . His system was copied by many , & so forth . Ball moment .  After kawhi leonards departure , the spurs needed an answer & got one . Demar Derozan , the mid ranged shooter , that use to be known for his flashy dunks back n his raptor days has evolved tremendously .  Lamarcus Aldridge has always been a 25 &10 type of player , rudy gay has a jumper for the ages  , and Dejounate murray is fresh off a torn acl injury is straight balling . He’s leading the nba in steals also . The Philadelphia 76ers  , is another powerhouse in the east . With another Magic & Kareem duo in , the Star studded 7 foot point guard Ben Simmons & The dominant center in Joel Embid  .  The way this duo runs the pick and roll is damn near perfect . Joel controls the paint  , While Ben runs the floor . With the addition of those two , plus toboas harris , and al horford the team is able to strecth the floor , play smalll ball , etc .  They were VERY  close to getting to the Nba finals if it wasnt for Kawhi Leornard’s  heart breaking buzzer beater  . If ben Simmons develops a jump shot , i feel scared for the league . Even though The spurs are a touch team to beat , i dont think they can match these young guns … or at least out run them .