NFL Predictions


The Rams Clock in at 5-3 , not there best start … but definitely not the worst either . With half of there star defensive players out . It was pushing to a rocky season . that is until the Rams made one of the best mid-season moves this year in Acquiring  the best Corner Back in the Nfl , Jalen Ramsey . Ramsey 25  is a cold cut  star  to say the less . This isn’t a good look for Jacksonville , losing there franchise player . The Oakland Raiders aren’t  playing there best football clocking in at  4 ,-4 . With them losing Antonio Brown  , Derek Carr & Marshawn lynch due to retirement i must admit they are playing pretty decent . With the rams offensive line i put them over raiders .  30-15 Rams



Patrick Mahomes is making his case for an outstanding MVP season nevertheless . Last season the chiefs QB threw for over 5000 Passing yards , with an addition of throwing 50 Touchdowns to add on to that stat line . Not bad for a 3rd year QB right ? Thats nuts ! .  With his running mates in Tyreke Hill , Sammy Watkins , & Travis Kelce . This Chiefs teams will be hard to beat come playoff time…..Oh did i mention they are 6-3?! .  The Tennessee Titans clock in at 4-5 Following the rebuilding year .  lots of rookies , Few vets out the door but hey , we seen this coming . 4-5 isnt bad for a non playoff team who  make it has potential . I see the chiefs taking this one easily 40-20 KC.




The Buffalo Bills are a force to recon with checking in at 6-2  . Devin Singletary is a star rooking running back , to add with the defense the bills have pursued . Frank Gore is running nice , & the bills have found there swing i should say  . Lots of politics , teams have doubted the bills and its great to seem them in playoff mode . The Browns on the other hand are struggling very much and it starts with the ” star ” QB in Baker Mayfield , his off field antics are kind of affecting the team in a way . Odell Beckham , Jarvis Landry , Kareem hunt are all stars , but when you cant get the ball its a very hard problem . hopefully the team can get the chemistry together , otherwise its just another star studded team that cant play . I dont see it happening soon but it needs to . I have bills Winning this one 35-27



Cardinals Vs Buccaneers

One thing for certain , the Arizona Cardinals & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are two of the top worst teams in the league . Point blank period . Cardnials are out the gate 3-5 .  Kyle fuller first real season … lots of either rookies , or people who are trying to make a name for himself . Larry Fitzgerald is on the end of his career so the load cannot be on him. Safe to say its rebuild season ? . The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are starting the season at 2-6 . Surprisingly with the star wide receivers in  Mike Evans  & Chris goodwin , its just not enough . The QB drafted in James Winston isnt what everyone expected . He threw the most interceptions last season , and is in first place this season . …….. The next 8 games are going to be ruff thats forsure . lets hope for the best . I got Cardinals 23-7


Ravens vs Bengals

Baltimore Ravens are RED HOT . Fresh off beating the undefeated New England Patriots last week …. There Mid-Season Record is 6-2 .  Lamar Jackson is just simply on fire . His Cockiness , his arrogance is just out of this world , but one thing for certain this kid is Humble .  One of the  few versitale QB’S in the League and is finally in the race for a MVP season . The Ravens core is coming in very nice . They are clicking right off back and the team chemistry is really starting to come in play . The Bengals continue to struggle for the last 2 seasons coming into the season at 0-8 …. its not much to say here . Just another rebuild .  I got ravens 32-10