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The Kaleidoscope

2016-2017 Staff

Abbie Jovanovich

Graphic Designer

Abbie Jovanovich is in her second year at Kish, and she plans to become an author and a journalist. She spent several years working on publications in high school, and is glad to continue at Kish. She enjoys writing, editing, si...

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Ben Holda

Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Though he has a year of experience, Ben is always trying to learn something new everyday here at the k-scope. Be it a fun fact, or a bad pun, or anything in between, you can count on Ben.

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Abi Carlson

Public Relations Manager

Abi Carlson is a sophomore at Kish. She plans to further her education after Kish by attending University of Oregon to receive her bachelor’s in communication. In her spare time, she enjoys attending Blackhawks games, going out wit...

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Al Burgess

Staff Writer

Al Burgess is a simple man who enjoys walks on the beach and playing video games. Al’s dog “Little Man” is his pride and joy.

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Brian Heinrich


Brian Heinrich is an officially ordained minister who lives a simple life with his obese dog.

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Courtney Huhta


Courtney Huhta is a sophomore at Kishwaukee College. After she receives her associates from Kish, she hopes to further her education in the field of journalism. In her free time, she enjoys watching the Bachelor, eating Nutella, a...

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Katy Baldwin


Katy is majoring in English and publications. She wants a chance to see more of the world than just cornfields.

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Jake Reaves


Jake Reaves is a hands-on person. He loves working on his Jeep and do-it-yourself projects around his house and garage. He will be going to Rock Valley next fall to begin studying to become an aviation technician. ...

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Jake Roushia

Copy Editor

Jake Roushia is a gamer and loves everything nerd related. He spends his spare time playing Xbox One, writing, or watching Youtube. Jake cares more about Azeroth’s or Westeros’ politics than the United States’ election. ...

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Jose Ocelotl


Jose Ocelotl is an ordinary young adult filled with many surprises under his pockets. He started drawing from the age of 7 and then took a hiatus on art for a few years. Soon after the hiatus, he went back and start doing digit...

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Luke Steichen

Head Video Producer

Luke is in his third year at Kishwaukee College and is pursuing an Associates Degree in Art  and strives to create entertainment for the masses to enjoy  through writing and/or filmmaking.  When he’s not watching movies he c...

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Nathan Holda


Nathan Holda is new to the news scene, but he is ready for action. Although he may not know what he’s doing most of the time, he knows how to fake it and make it – and he's ready to bring you the news! In his free time (whe...

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Sam Buckner

Head Photographer

Sam is in his second year at Kish. He’s usually pretty busy with his photography business, or working at Jonamac Orchard. In his free time, he enjoys taking pictures, hiking, and enjoying a vegan lifestyle. ...

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Sandra Morales

Bilingual Editor

Sandra Morales is in her third semester at Kishwaukee College. She enjoys reading, writing short stories, and watching 80’s movies. She plans on majoring in English Literature and becoming an editor for a major publishing c...

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Rory Gallagher


Kishwaukee College sophomore. Person who greets anyone he knows in the hallway. Complete opposite of a man of mystery. Rory Gallagher is all of these things, and many more. When he's not writing a story for this fine multimedi...

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